FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: cider HELP!!

guys im getting this error on my gamemode

FCVAR_SERVER_CAN_EXECUTE prevented server running command: cider

please help i cant /dropmoney or something



What document, which line? :effort:

there is no line? it just appear in the console

Scroll up. You must get an error somewhere.

there is a command cold “Dropmoney” i cant type this in chat “/dropmoney” but i can type this in the console “cider dropmoney”


you musteh gets teh errur in teh consolesorz tehn yu look at it and you wrait it hier yes

Registering gamemode 'Sandbox' derived from 'base'
Couldn't include file 'sh_init.lua' (File not found)
GRSRP\gamemode\core/libraries/sh_plugin.lua:11: table index is nil
Registering gamemode 'GRSRP' derived from 'Sandbox'

and this is the file

Name: "sh_plugin.lua".
Product: "Cider (Roleplay)".

cider.plugin = {};
cider.plugin.stored = {};

-- Register a new plugin.
function cider.plugin.register(plugin)
	cider.plugin.stored[plugin.name] = plugin;

-- Call a function for all plugins.
function cider.plugin.call(name, ...)
	for k, v in pairs(cider.plugin.stored) do
		if (type(v[name]) == "function") then
			local success, message = pcall( v[name], unpack(arg) )
			-- Check to see if we did not success.
			if (!success) then Msg(message.."
"); end;

-- Get a plugin by it's name.
function cider.plugin.get(name) return cider.plugin.stored[name]; end;


Have you edited anything in the code, anywhere, in any documents?

well , i tried the original cider but its the same problem :’(


the problem is that i cant do chat commands.

Do you have the SQL Database?

yes i do


it works fine too.

Okay well, Im blank.

ok sadface

I think the plugins aren’t loaded correctly because you changed the folder name from cider to GRSRP.
Check the sh_init.lua in GRSRP/gamemode/, it loads the plugins there, check if you changed the folder to the new one(GRSRP)

I was thinking the same, when I noticed he changed it, but Ventmob did the same; they renamed it AppleJack.

You can fix this by using RunConsoleCommand instead of Player:ConCommand.

Yeah but that’s because I’ve completely rewritten the loading systems to be name independent. A lot of the stuff I’ve done in Applejack doesn’t work in cider, mainly because Applejack’s not Cider any more.

i fixed it , something was fucked up with the sql database.

I see. I wasent trying to offend you or anything, just pointed it out :slight_smile: