FDF Leopards on a foresty hill (Sce-sce-sce-scenebuild)

Made in the first map of Sandtraps. Sorry, peeps, no other angles this time. Forgot to take.


Aaaaaand, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the original!


oh my god it looks just like a real place

Nice build. Some depth-of-field would be good though, but I’m not entirely sure what the focus should be on.

Your scenebuilds are so cool, I’d wish my PC could stand so many props :stuck_out_tongue:

Chesty is right about the DoF tho.

My FPS was around 9 when taking the pic :buddy:

But yeah, DoF would be cool, but I didn’t know what to focus on either.

Great build Joazzz. The grass placement is really repetitive though.

Aww fuck. I tried to make it non-repetitive.

Thanks for the replies.

Awesome scene build man. Really nice look to it.


Good work Joazzz. You should hide the clipping between grass and ground, try to put some stones it would be much better, more natural scenebuild. Also don’t use that trees at far distances it’s looks like a tree with a lot of dots or something :smiley:

Try to combine one big tree and… ok just take a look at this solution:


Thanks a lot, Caste. I haven’t done much natural scenebuilds.

Also, what tree models are those?

from L4D 2, but it doesn’t matter, you can use anything even a bush.

The FDF mod for OFP was the shit!

Nice I am reminded when I play WiC and zoom in to the battles just like this.
It gets so epic

Reminds me of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising.