FEAR 1 and 2 Mini Pack

In this release, we’ve got Sgt. Fox from FEAR 2 and the Replica Assassin from FEAR 1!



Workshop links may come along if I can ever figure out what’s wrong.

Description: Both models have fingerposing, and Fox has eye and face posing to boot. They’re only ragdolls, as I can’t script/code for anything.

Have fun!



Sweet, hope to see more fear characters

Point man from F.E.A.R. 1 Definitely lol

Pretty neat man. Is it possible though to add:

flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_updown
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_rightleft

in Fox’s QC so his eyes work in SFM correctly. Would be useful! Thanks!

Like the assassin, I always thought he was a cool looking guy.

Still waiting patiently for Pointman and Fettel, though.

I hope you’ll make this one soon.

And Paxton Fettel.

Alright, SFM-Ready Fox has been added to the downloads!


Needs moar Becket though, just saying. :v: