FEAR 2 Enemies

**Dropbox link:**https://www.dropbox.com/s/q2psgln1hs16am9/Fear%202%20Enemies.zip?dl=0
**Workshop link:**http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=391056454

Description: These guys are the Armacham mercenaries that the player fights for most of the first half of FEAR 2. The Powered Armor is sort of like a mini-boss. Six models are included: The ATC light, standard, heavy, hazmat, and elite soldiers, and the mech suit. Most of the ATC guys have some face, eye, and finger-posing.
Credit for the models goes to Monolith games and WB.
Have fun with 'em!


This will come good…

Aww dude these are awesome!!

Holy… I’ve been wanting someone to port the FEAR2 soldiers. SWEET!


Fuck yeah, awesome stuff man!

Awesome release bro, love the walker

a proper port of the replicants wouldn’t be so bad too, even the FEAR 1 guys.

I’d love to see the FEAR 2 or 3 Replicas. Not sure about FEAR 1 though, the textures are…old.

with some proper shaders someone could get them to look as good or better as they are in the game.


INCREDIBLE! Can never have enough amazing stuff from F.E.A.R. =P

Nice release! Might you be able to look into getting the Abominations, too?


Those are replica troops from the first game whereas the release here is for Armacham in the second game. It’s no wonder they look so different. In any case, I’m fairly certain most of the models you have in that picture were ported quite a when ago back with garrysmod.org was a thing, though I’m not sure if they were ever ported to the workshop.

Actually maybe they did make it into some random pack.

Excellent Release! :slight_smile:
Love the Armacham Walker MK1.

Excelent work

yeah they have terrible rigging and shaders though.

also I know did u not read this