Fear in Maps

Basically, this is a question thread, asking for ideas on how to create a scary map. I will post some of my own ideas, and then, anyone with talent in this area, feel free to post your own!

  • Obviously, there are many lighting tricks to be applies to fear, but never forget flickers, and bluer tones of light, to create a cold feeling. Redder lights can create hostility. Don’t forget your colour theory!

  • Again, sound is an important factor, which i can’t cover all of of course. But, remember that persistent ambient noises can make people feel uneasy, especially sounds associated with bad things in certain situation, such as dripping, footsteps, metallic clanks. Screams must be used sparingly, as they are often heavily overused, and can be so over the top as to REMOVE the feeling of fear.

  • Gore. This is a huge topic area, and it is something which might seem simple, but must be executed with finesse. Don’t cover your entire game in blood ala Dead Space, but leave areas of cleanliness, perhaps followed by a sudden shock of gore. bloody writing on the walls can be good (See Doom3) or it can actually just be a bit tired (See Dead Space)

  • Jumps. Making the player jump 10 feet in the air, is, honestly, not that hard. But simply filling a game with horrific things leaping out at them (See Dead Space and a LOT of Doom 3) gets tired. Make sure there is plenty of anticipation, and perhaps even build up a load of tension, then have nothing happen. That’s a great tactic to make people feel tense.

So, your ideas friends! Feel free to use media as evidence!

I also suggest using triggers to close or move things behind the player and make a sound behind them. Very effective at making the player think ‘wtf was that…’

Alma again… hell no…

Yep that sounds nice.

  • Distant events. Events seen from far away, such as through glass, or on the ground below, such as corpses in a control room high above, or flickering lights revealing any kind of horror down in a shaft. These make you uneasy.

The worst kind of fear… is fear of the unknown.

Use that and you’re set.

Let the player backtrack into something just not the same…

ambushes: you should make the player think there is something over in the right side of the room, and have a zombie or other freak break through the left wall. just putting zombies on the floor isn’t scary. you should make them come out of walls or break through the ceiling.

stalker: this is fun to do. make a little girl (fear, fear 2, nightmare house)randomly flash in front of you to make the player jump. have this followed by a zombie attacking you for double the scare factor.

puzzles: make the player think a little bit. make a puzzle that would require you to maybe grab keys to the front door, or maybe just a sectional puzzle that has them maybe have to figure a way out.

hope i helped!

cut a black brush to a shape of some monster, then make it fly quickly in the backround,

Subtle changes that the player can’t quite place, so the area looks familiar, but yet it isn’t.

Actually… what would be a cool thing to do (mind you this is definitely not general… it’s specific) would be to make the player go into maybe a facility or just building of any sort and get to the ttop story. They would know they needed to get to the story because there were enemies up there (and everyone knows enemies lead the right direction), but when they reach the top there is nothing special there. No boss, no gore, no secret. Then farther down behind them the hallway rotates to face another diection (like a large wheel that has hallways on it…) and this new hallway (uses the same textures are before) leads to a whole different bit of the building. This would confuse and maybe disorient the player as they would backtrack away from the room with nothing interesting to find that the whole house behind them has changed. Hehe… I don’t know what I’m talking about, but it sounds cool and I know I could do it so better mappers would be able to easily.

great idea, might be hard to work out, but possible

Yeah… I’m notn good enough to give the building a nice atmosphere though and I’m not sure how the lighting for a rotating hallway would work… or if it would.

Definitely. You should work on the lights being dim in some parts and brighter in others. And sometimes have no light. Just be careful to evenly balance it out. A whole map of darkness or flickering lights just gets annoying.

Nice idea metallics! Very simple yet very clever.

Mindmuncher, that would be a total mindfuck. It would be possible, but would only scare the player in the right circumstances. It could have some potential tho!

I was thinking it would have to be a map like an insane asylum or something… Some thing that there is very few enemies in, but that is terrifyinh because it’s so desolate and weird… Maybe some odd cameras and computer monitors hinting at some other use… mmm?

Oh and in my oppinion if you hear “AAAAAAH!”

it’s much less scary than just hearing some thumbps and bumps like somone is shuffling around with a large heavy object in some large heavy shoes… they are just waiting for you… waiting… hehe.

think i will test out my idea.

hammer is not happy today, be back later hen ive gotten it fixed

I think a great addition to fear is a puzzle/adventure map which is VERY difficult, then has not enemies, but lots of freakiness. Amplifies any fear tenfold.

i would say is to make it where you enter the same room over and over again until you walk through the room the 3rd time to only see it all fucked up with people sitting on walls tables on ceilings. total mindfuck if you understand it (got the Idea from Fear)

also a example of a mindfuck is here http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=679041

Play Silent Hill, Penumbra and FEAR to learn how to make a scary game.

Check here. Interlopers always helps.