FEAR Model Pack

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] FEAR Model Pack Beta

[tab]Description:[/tab] Some of the models from the FEAR expansions. They have full finger posing. I hope to add face and eyeposing to some of the models in the next release.


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Monolith/Timegate/Vivendi Games, Taggart for hands.[/release]

Images for more added effects:




nice job.

Really good job with them, great to see more FEAR models then just Replicas

Quick question, if these are FEAR 1 ports did you use a tool to extract them or did you rip them?

I ripped them.

Well, good job then

My rips come out all fucked and stretched looking

Do you use 3DS Max to open the 3DR Imports?
When you import them there should be an option to use the recommended Field of View (FoV).

Yeah it says

“90.00000 for height”

What does the box “For Recommended values” put out?

“86.06715 for width”

Can you rip Norton Mapes?

He’s the fatass in case you forgot.

You’ll want to use that.

As for Norton Mapes: I don’t have the orginal FEAR installed right now; these guys are from Perseus Mandate/used in Extraction Point.

Thanks a ton for the info, it worked perfectly.

Also, I don’t think 3D Ripper works with FEAR,I always get an error when trying to play it with 3DX ripper

Me for hands, what?

nice job though

Code 51?
Maybe the government’s base in Area 51 are trying to stop you.

Looks pretty nice.

Good job.

I used the hands from your “Generic Troopers” pack to replace the Nightcrawler’s hands.

filefront and others please ?

I can’t wait for the official version.

I’m hoping to get a second link up in a few days, but my internet is being difficult right now.

**Edit:**Filefront link is now up.

Can you make more models on the next version? like Fettel,more replica,ATC with no armor,Jankowsky and ghost version,Jin,Better,alma adult and child and the character we play on the first part and extraction point.