Fear Not: The Red Bears and Wolves Are Only Place Holders

As I hoped:

“Zombies…they’ve been replaced with red bears and wolves. You hate them. We know. They’re just plugging a gap for now. All will be revvvealed.”


whats the significance of the red bears/wolves? how do they differ from the normal ones?¿?

They are in large groups, they have no hitboxes so you can’t instantly headshot them, and they do the same damage maybe a bit more

Oh and they drop loot

basically they’re harder than zombies because they form in huge groups

Seems like the spawn rates are higher than intended and will likely be dialed back.

nah just pick em off with a bow easy, same amount of arrows to kill em. 2 for wolf 4 for bear

I’m still confused by the update so he removed the Place Holder zombies with another version of place holder zombies(Sorry…mutated animals…)?

Also what did they fix in the AI specifically because there not going on foundations or inside of shelters/buildings. Also I noticed that they’re not even spawning in the rad towns at all.

No zombies because rust does not intend to be a zombie survival game

That optimistic tag was an accident. You are absolutely correct.

thanks for the reply, one more question:
so do they drop only loot or can you also get, skin/fat/food?

This is what I saw in the update;