Fear of Teddy

Just my expression from massive flood in my country. Even it getting worst, but people still helping to save everything as much as possible.


Awesome, I really like the composition


My condolences to your countrymen. Let us hope it is all over soon.

Good picture by the way.

Hey, thank you for kind words. Even, water level still increasing, I will fight! =)

you can’t fight nature bro

But who cares. fuck nature

in seriousness: Good luck and I hope its starts decreasing.

Faith is all you need.

Faith in what?

Faith in any religion currently practised by you. If you don’t have any faith in any religion, you may want to have faith in something you hold dear, e.g. a tree or a particular person. Either way, it should have some effect on your luck.

My grandparents and aunt live there. I wish I was back there to help. Good picture, and I hope everyone in Thailand isn’t doing too bad :smile:

That’s what I wanted to hear.