Fear of the Dark

I really need to unfuck my lamps somehow. Lit this with my flashlight, really doesn’t do it.

Cropped down to get rid of wasted space.

Hot shadows.

A bit flat and lacking in interesting highlights though. Yeh I get it’s in the dark and it’s all brooding n stuff… but I dunno, some character using a flashlight to light up part of another character or something would make the composition more interesting and draw the eye to a particular subject. Right now it’s all a bit samey.

If I could do lamps, I absolutely would do that - hell I may even have had a light coming off the train.

Maybe one day :sigh:

I assume that either you are using a laptop, or a LUA file is conflicting with the file concerning the lamps.

It’s my PC, it’s been doing this for ages. LUA seems most likely but I’m not even sure where to begin looking for the offender and I can’t be bothered to fuck around with my monolith of a Gmod install. If nothing else I might do a clean install on my lappy, use that to place lamps, then bring the save back to my PC for the final product.

I assume you’ve tried all the usual shit like cleaning up gmod, uninstalling it/reinstalling it etc etc…

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Yeh part of the reason I never use Gmod anymore is because I cleaned it up entirely so now I have no models to pose with.

I just don’t extract anything directly into the main GMod directory unless it’s necessary. I put everything into addon format. Makes for easy recovery if some evil shit happens.

I think just using the flashlight helped it, makes it more dark…I actually shivered.

Holy jagged MP44. I like it.

I’d like to know where most people get their lamps, I only got about six default lamps (a one with cross in the middle and a one with that spiral thing) from which only two are usable and the other is the default flashlight while the other is not what I’d call a good lamp (50% of it is darker than the other 50% is brighter).

personally i think the shadows are really flat and they end in a circle the same width as the entire shadow

the posing is well done tho

Good, good