FEAR Replica Elite

I guess there isn’t really too much to say about this except that it’s a reskin of the Replica Soldier from Dan’s SNPC pack to look like the elite soldiers from FEAR. Hope you like it!

Download link:http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=82071

Pictures for added effect:




It really looks bland. Original is better .

Skin looks pretty ugly.

Change the red packs and knee pad holders to black.

By bland or ugly, do you mean that the color choice wasn’t right, the reskinning was bad, or both?

Not enough texturing, monotone colors , and a serious lack of bumpmaps.

The Elites didn’t have a gasmask.

Well, to explain the monotone colors, I was using this picture as a base:


As for the gas mask, I didn’t have a guy without one, so I tried to work with that.

Some minor bump maping work on the shoulder pads and this could be nice.
Also maybe some phong on the lens?