Fearbine Reskin (Elite Prototype Soldiers)

It is pretty much done soo i think i’ll release it.

Spartan117ak for original modelhack
me for reskin
hexed version by Nixux86, thanks him alot.

I like it, and I’ll be using it.

At some point…not quite sure for what.

Nice Skin. Downloading now. awsome work

And garrysmod failed…
If I get them,I can hex them…

No need anymore. I hexed it already.

Also cool skin Kari.

uploaded hexed version.

Very nice sir, very very nice.

Ooh, looks nice. Link to the other Fearbines?

Is it Hexed?

:smiley: omg nice!

what do you mean others? o_O

purvisdavid made these hack ages ago, I remember having these for Gmod 9.

The first skin was basically Elite head on Replica body, no new textures. The second one was white and colored like the Elites.

Thanks for hex them.

Holyshit! My fearbine looks so… Cool and stuff!

THx…also, what happened to your fearbine reskin?

Here’s your playermodel.

Ermmm… Ughhh… Mmm… Well…

Didint I release it?

If I didint, mind if I use parts of your skin on it? ^.^ I might make it better yet!

Sure, just don’t be lazy as always and atleast FINISH it and RELEASE it.
And give me some credits :3

Naw, it’s people who are too lazy to download my huge skins xD

Can somebody make a spawnlist for this?