(Origional here: http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/577799434526499162/DDFC2F09BC354B9399CCBFC5BA08B8960725EDEC/ )

All ingame editing. I was going to edit in a bruise on her face later but I don’t really know how to do it without it lookin’ stupid.

But yeah, I’m really happy with how this one came out, especially since it’s my first time with the ingame post processing. I’m also happy I managed to make her face not look silly.

Very good posing but…

  1. Is that the max your graphics can go to?
  2. Why is a guy wearing body armour using a gold desert eagle? It’s a bit weird…
    Very nice posing and great idea!

I had my graphics set to max, dunno what the problem is there lol

And it’s not golden, it’s just how the light’s hitting the gun

Wow thats weird, the light made it look gold, neat. Also it’s really just his shoulder I noticed as low quality, but it’s probably just because it’s so close to the screen.

Cropped out the up-close shoulder, that’s muuuuuuuch better

She looks like a porn actress in the middle of getting fake raped


Can you not just use the agree rating?

I write something about that picture but I don’t like it and I need change it.

Zoey skin DL link please?



Say, is there a way to reduce the brightness of the lamps? I wanted the light on Zoey’s face to be a biiiiit darker than that but I dunno how.

Also, @RG4ORDR, I think this answers your question

When selecting what colour you want the lamp to be, you can make the colour itself darker by selecting it more in the black.
Moving it back away from the characters also helps