feature length Machinima using only Gmod, help and advice needed

I am making an action thriller set in the near future of a post apocalyptic world, with a Fictional plot based on real world events. Full of conspiracy and heavily featuring Free Masons, Illuminati and The New World Order.

I have now been writing for well over a year on and off and I am ready to start making it.

Progress was put on hold after the birth of my 2nd child but now she is in a routine I have a bit more time so have started back on the project

I have looked at many platforms to film on including 2d animation,lbp2 , Fallout 3/Nv and I have decided to go with Gmod. I have most mods downloaded and ready to go . BUT I need HELP.

There are mods that I need that use S v cheats e.g bullet time and NPC scene. There is also an animation one that I need but requires sv cheats . Every time I enter sv cheats 1 it says blocked even in single player server?

I need to be able to alter the walk speed of my character for filming and remove HUD/ crosshair .change the walk speed of npc’s, removing player phys gun for acting purposes. I have concept designs for props that I needed and have found most but will have to build a couple of props that I was unable to aquire.If you have any interest in helping or are able to give advice please contact me. Any help and contributions will be credited.

no thanks OP have a wonderful day

I’ll model for dsoh and create you custom maps, for dosh of course.

This project is to be completed on a zero budget that’s part of the reason I am making a Machinima . Any help received will be credited and I will return favours acting in other projects if needed. Or voice acting. I am using existing garrysmod.org maps and fleshing them out further,I am alsousing available npc skins and only using what is available. I suppose this thread is more aimed at the RP audience

No it isn’t

what are you talking about?

and think about your writing, because at the moment it sounds generic and uninteresting

What I meant is that if I had a budget I would make a real movie with real actors etc and I gave a brief overview how can you gauge the content from that short paragraph? I will post a bit up once I get to work…

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Well initially I wanted to make a 2 d animimation but it’s approx 24 frames for 1 second of footage… Anyway I will put a short scene up once I am at work … Then you can leave feedback on the writing :wink:

removed txt as seems like wasting my time on here

Well it seems like you take machinima way to serious, most of it is made by a bunch of ~18 year old guys with hardly any script just a small idea.

Fair point. I am an artist not an animator. I am just looking for a way to bring my story to life. Machinima seems like the most achievable way of doing this. Some good examples of machinima are DC chronicles and Home sweet home. These were both made using fallout 3 and are on youtube.

Fuck illuminati!

Its just a concept , i am writing fictional so they can be what ever I imagine. A fictional tie in for the reason the main character is the way he is? A story can be about what ever you want. Its just that when it “could be real” makes it more interesting. Like The Matrix for example. I know Matrix is not real but the point is you would even know if it was.

Yes because that’s how you attract people to your project

here’s some lua for you - execute these by typing lua_run and then the command after it in console.

[lua]Entity(1):SetRunSpeed( 100 )[/lua]
change run speed. change 100 to any speed, experiment with the number. default 500

[lua]Entity(1):SetWalkSpeed( 100 )[/lua]
same but for walking. default 250

remove all weapons

don’t know how to change NPC speed

for the removal of hud type, as is, in console:

cl_drawhud 0

replace 0 with 1 to bring it back

Thank you very much for your help. This is exactly what I needed

I will help you for free. I can help you through the process of getting some good angles and starting out if needed. Im pretty good at voice acting. Also, I know of some great filming addons

Thank you very much. I would gladly accept any help at all. Are you based in uk? I am looking to make the feature in episodes that can be watched either individually or all together as a feature length. I just feel it will be easier to create this way? What do you need from me ? I look forward to your response.


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