Feature request - How to find/search for a rust server?

when I look at the list of servers (Community for example) I see 1100+ listed but the list I scroll seems to be a lot smaller. and if I sort by ping/users/name the list does not seem to be the same.

basically I am trying to find a server I played on a few days ago and not having the ability to search for a server name containing a string like “dallas” makes it hard to return to some servers.

History is not listed the server, it seems you need to play more then once for History to remember your servers.

PS: if a server name changes - will history reflect that?

As dscribed in the devblog where this happened, a couple months(?) back, the current server list is limited to 200 entries, and this is a temporary limitation as a workaround for what I can only presume are issues if the list is uncapped. Some people have reported major connection problems after loading the server list, because the list goes out and gets data for all those servers, and then it tries to cram each one of them down your net connection at once and this temporarily chokes your connection, although it clears up on its own after a few minutes. And this is with the 200 limit, imagine six times that.

I can’t think offhand of any recent definite statements by garry about it, but the server browser’s very much not finished.

ok I must have missed that thread - thanks.

So how does one find out about the other servers if I can only see the first 200 sorted by the three options.

is there a master list website that shows me these? Reddit forum is not complete.



Did you even think of trying Google? Because those are just some of the options I found instantly.

Damn, I missclicked and now I cant fix it. I meant to click on informative.

edit: now I can