Feature request - Scraping or salvage an item

every end up with to many of something? it would be great if I could use the repair bench to turn something into basic elements.

btw: need a feature to cancel crafting an item.

Makes sence.

I’d be all for the ability to deconstruct some items to get a portion of the materials back. You could get some wood and cloth back and some scrap metal you could re-smelt into fragments.

And cancelling an item in queue would be awesome too.

Great idea

Cancelling queue item is right mouse button. Cancelling while already crafting is what he is thinking about.

Cancelling while crafting is really needed.
Sometimes you even start crafting by mistake – just clicked to check description, not to craft.

That’s what I meant. I know how to cancel queued items. Would be nice if it applied to items already being made as well. My bad for not being clearer in my post.