Feature Request - Skills & Cave Exploration

I thought it would be cool to introduce progressive skill building and skill trees to the game. Skills that improve as you use them.

It would be cool to have different areas to build into as well… ie. mechanics (cars in rust?!), traps, weaponry, hunting, tracking, foraging, cartography, woodworking, metal working, architecture, etc.
It would add another element to the game and give people something else to work towards in later game rather than just running around killing nakeds and raids.

For cave exploration, it would be interesting to have a few caves throughout the game with harder/more dangerous animals in it (bear/wolf dens) with a higher population of resource spawns/ barrels. Some could also have entrances located under water that you have to swim to, on high mountain peaks only accessible by building a tower or bridge, hidden in a dense forest, etc.

I agree on randomly generated caves.

Though the features aren’t implemented into the game right now, I believe there is a mod that has skills. Also there is a cave in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree on the caves. I’m not too keen on the skills though chap. Would be difficult to balance and sounds similar to life is feudal which is very grindy

No skills. You are the player, you have skills, you improve them inside you. That would give even more advantage to people playing longer.

I would like caves, especially for taking ores there from the wild open.

Not only caves, but abandoned mines should be added.
Mines should be rich with ore deposits embedded in the walls, that regenerate over time.

And some awful nightliving creatures can populate caves and mines. These creatures should only come out at night, since they are afraid of light.

Sounds like spelunking from Don’t Starve. You have to have your head torch on to see what you’re doing and keep the nasties away. Not a bad idea.

there is a RG type leveling system plugin for oxide, these kind of ideas are better as mods rather than as core assets to Rust