FEATURE REQUEST: Spawning with your friend

Hey guys,

I recently played with my buddy and we both always had the problem to find us at the beginning. Sometimes it took us more than 1 hour to finnaly find each other so we can play together.
To make playing with your friends easier I had the idea that you can somehow spawn with your friend together as long as you are both dead. Maybe you could have a 3rd choice when you’re dead: Respawn, Respawn at sleeping bag and Respawn with a friend. If you click “Respawn with a friend”, you could choose a friend from your steam account and this friend would get some sort of an invite if he’s dead, too. If he accepts the invite, you and your friend(s) would respawn next to each other.

This would simplify playing with friends and would heavily increase the teamplaying experience. And overall it should not be too complicated to add this feature.



I don’t understand how it could take you sometimes over an hour to find each other…

Maybe because the daytime of the Server is sometimes out of sync and you say to your friend go towards the sun and he answer: “Ist night!”

Then your on the wrong server.

This is part of the fun. It is supposed to be challenging. If you want an easy game, go play FarmVille.

It really isn’t that difficult…

  1. Choose a biome border to meet on, either the border between snow and grass, or between grass and desert.

  2. Check your compass, (the sun!). If it’s rising it’s east, if it’s setting, it’s west.

  3. Check where you are. If you’re in the snow, head south, if you are in the desert, head north. If you are already in the grasslands, head north for the snow border, or south for the desert border.

  4. Once you are all on the same biome border, just follow it either east or west until you spot some sort of recognizable landmark, either a Wolf statue, Satellite dish, high moutain, or man-made structure, and then all agree to meet there.

Also, if you manage to kill an animal or two along the way, you should all equip yourself with a burlap shirt but no pants/trousers. Then it is easier to recognize each other at a distance, without approaching the wrong person and getting killed.

It isn’t that difficult if you are organized, and use your brain a bit.

teleport of any description without some kind of heavy penalty/restriction is too prone to abuse.

i read someone suggest a 1 hour limit on the teleport so it couldnt be used to zerg a raid site. i think that would work as a mod, but IMO it has no place in the vanilla form of the game.

How is it the wrong server if it is a bug? If this is not happening on all servers, please tell us how we can know which servers don’t have this bug.

If you are both dead, there already is a teleport system for you and your friend…sleeping bags. Lay them out next to each other or stacked them on top of each other like cute little bunk beds, and you will spawn with your friends each time you all die.

I guess for a first time player to the server, a freebie spawn to a friend would be a neat feature. 1 time thing. If you don’t build sleeping bags for him and he dies, oh well. He’ll have to find you the normal way. However, there really is no need for this, but I guess it would help the lazy friends who you have to listen to their bitching about how stupid the game is because they get lost. Save you time talking them through landmarks until they find you. However, these players tend to build stupid walls and purposely sabotage your base because it’s funny and quit playing for months afterwards.

Let them suffer I say…

If you want a teleport system play on nodded servers.

As for finding your friend, it’s pretty simple, especially with the monuments (wolfs, radar dish etc.) just keep killing yourself till you are both in the same biome, use the sun/moon to locate north, south, east, west. Travel to the same coast line. Or just meet at wolf statue/radar dish and go from there. Easy.

I find these types of requests are comming from the lazy players that probably wont play long enough to see the official launch of the game anyway. Please dont put these features into the game. As mentioned if you need this type of thing play a modded server

modded servers most times have unwanted features such as 100x gathering, crafting, super this super that, /kit etc etc.

sometimes people just wanna play a with a friend without wasting their life. get over it. This idea is a good idea.

It’s a bad idea when your easy teaming method allows groups to gather faster. You want to play with your friend then get your own server.

My proposal for a homo-erotic feeling powered compass still stands.

have you considered that this is one of those “unwanted features”? most of those are for people who want a quick easy game. and not every server has every one of those mods activated, so you could easily find one that has tp only.

regardless, for it to not be abused, there would have to be heavy restrictions on its use. and personally i think it goes against the rest of the game to be handed your friends on a silver platter. you have to make a hatchet, your clothes, avoid being eaten by wolves, avoid freezing to death, navigate by the stars and by the sun because you are naked, alone and have nothing but a rock.

I dont see how this hurts the game if you have a friend you play the game with you should be able to spawn near him, so your saying because you have nobody to play with other people should have to wander around before building/gathering in the spot they want?

ok, lets put it this way. i have 15 friends, and they all spawn on my location, and its just outside your house. now i have 16 people in the one spot almost instantly, and we are going to break your walls down, kill you and take all your stuff.

you get your 3 friends to tp in too, but they just get killed. or maybe you have 30 friends, and they all tp in and defend you with their awesome skills.

this could be abused horribly to raid. so no, i don’t want to see it in the vanilla version of the game, but if you want to play with this and 100x harvest and kits, go nuts on a mod server.

As mrknifey points out, I don’t see how this can NOT hurt the game!

I think this is a request that only newbies want, who don’t really play Rust. I would be interested to hear from anyone who has put in more than 500 hours, and still thinks TP would improve the game?

Newbies want to login in, put in absolutely no effort, and go raiding / griefing with their friends, without really understanding what the game is about…

the spawning with a friend thing is not for alive players, its if both players are in dead state and click the spawn with another dead player button.

How could you possibly know you are about to spawn in a certain location if you both spawn at the same random location?

I don’t think anyone, myself included actually read the post correctly. This wouldn’t really be exploitable and isn’t really that terrible of an idea…
He basically said a player gets killed by a guy with a spear, spends say 5 minutes looking at the you are dead screen waiting for his other friend to be killed by a guy with a spear that killed him earlier.
5 minutes later his friend is dead and the dead guy is still looking at the you are dead screen. Now each of them have 3 options at this point, spawn at sleeping bag, spawn randomly, or send invite to dead friend to spawn together in a random spot on the map.

Dead guy 1 invited his dead friend to spawn with him, the instant player 2 accepts,the 2 of them spawn together randomly on the map with nothing but a rock.