Feature suggestion: On name tags

Here’s an idea that struck me while looking at someone’s thread asking for a longer range on nametags display.
How about your character memorizes the faces of people he encounters over the map (figuratively speaking as everybody has the same face for now) and thus allows for display of names at long range? For example you’d have to point your cursor at character A and make their name appear for X seconds and the higher X is, the farer away from A you can be for the game to display their name when you’re looking at them.
Obviously that’d be a hit to the immersion factor as you’d start seeing floating names more often the more people you encounter throughout your game experience on a server, but we could get rid of that feature as soon as customization features start appearing.

I’m not even sure I explained that right, but hey whatever the servers are down again and I’m bored so here you go :V