Features for a good Life gamemode?

So I recently have made a new gamemode that I was inspired by DarkRP and SantosRP but took the good features out of both and trashed the bads.So basically fuck adverts,fuck F4,fuck Whitelisting,Fuck etc.Anyway so I have some decent features such as cars and bikes,a bank robbery system where you can buy heist vehicles,drugs,a clothing vendor,bitcoin mining and stuff and the like that.Also F4 and jobs are replaced by employer NPC’s and there are only 2 jobs( Hustler and Police) So what are some good features
I should add?

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I’m thinking about adding a Knife System where people can collect knives like in CS and sell them

A gun crafting system, where materials can be acquired through printers or bitcoin miners such as Iron or Wiring. That way people don’t just go to some bald fuck in the street that somehow sells miniguns legally.

Also, make bitcoin mining really hard, LIKE REALLY HARD. I’ll give you a very scummy reference, could work : https://bitminer.io/

Alright thanks for being so helpful man :slight_smile:
I will try to add a crafting system but we have gun dealer NPC’s to sell guns so that would prevent self supply :stuck_out_tongue: Also about the bald fuck part we use custom HQ models that aren’t based on HL2 so you won’t see a server full of male_09’s aka DarkRP.

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Any other suggestions?

  1. A crafting system and cooking system which the material (wood, metal,…) Are sold at a shop with a high price. The cooking system will go with farming
    This would encourage people to interact with each other and form a market place where things are sold below the shop’s price, also making things like opening a restaurant possible
  2. A simple economy that take people’s tax, transfer it to government bank and mayor will meet some scenario that require money to solve, if solve successful then the economy will rise and price of stuff will be cheaper and higher if the economy is worse, mayor can change tax rate in order to pay for those scenario
  3. Make entity have more than one use
    Things such as lamp can be used for lighting, farming, weed and many purpose not just for one, same for water and stuff
  4. Realistic shit
    I would be very happy to see another server use the liquid like SantosRP and maybe electricity and stuff, the electric bill can go to the government bank too

Thank you so much for that lengthy post…
I see crafting is a big request so I will definitely add it :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you so much

You welcome, good luck making your gamemode

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Any more suggestions peeps?

Still thinking

-It’s already been suggested twice, but a crafting system. Something akin to the gamemode Stranded where you gather supplies to craft things

-Realistic cars/car mechanics. Maybe custom mods like Turbochargers and maybe the chance to break parts by matching shitty cheap stuff with really expensive parts. Imagine every player having a uniquely modified car to their liking. Plus it would give players with a lot of money something to spend their money on instead of sit their and watch your bank account expand endlessly with nothing to spend it on.

-Economy system where the mayor can manually adjust taxes, which would effect the games economy overall (NPC shop prices, paychecks, government job pay, etc.). This could also avoid everyone rushing to assassinate the mayor if he’s doing a good job managing the economy, and vice-versa if the mayor does a shit job.

-This is more of a server suggestion rather than a gamemode suggestion, but a lot of serious RP gamemodes cops have pretty much admin authority, meaning everything you do to disobey a cop is immediate failRP and you get in trouble for daring to have fun in a video game. Driving away from the police should get you in trouble with the police, not fucking admins. Police should have the authority to handle situations any way that they see fit, and admins should make sure police don’t abuse their power.

If I think of anything else I’ll post more

Make things hard to get so player have to work for it
A organization addon would be cool
Also accessories will be awesome
Cops can have normal car and normal cloth for undercover
Phone system (Rphone recommend, maybe)
Many minigames, sport and stuff. I have football and arcade machine on my server, it turn out to be great when we can compete football
Computer that is capable of accessing the real internet for quick access to your forum for guide and stuff

Sure thing :slight_smile:
Phone already implemented :smiley: