Features you'd like to see in a darkrp server

I am starting a darkrp server.
What features would you like to see in it?
(Note: I am not a scripter, i am talking about features that i can actually do)
EX: Less rdmers, more actual rping

Good admins, good players, good maps. (please no rp_downtown. Its good but overused)

What maps do you suggest?
(Not hometown 2000 or evocity)

Why not? Whats wrong with those maps?

There are to many of them, or they are to big.

A miracle.

i suggest rpw_downtown

Smallcorner or Townsend maybe?, but why not hometown, it’s awesome :saddowns:

Also no Gangsters and Mobboss (Just saying, no need of bad readings), if someone want to RP as a bad guy or something you don’t have to say loudly “LOOK AT ME I’M A GANGSTER!” with a big fat “Gangster” Text above you, the will do them by themselves

Wait does it have to be on the template darkrp provides or just better rp?
Because I would say have no classes but you need licenses to buy weapon shipments, cars, etc.
This would eliminate GUS lUK I GNASTRE but still add diverse roles.

I’d remove pretty much everything and start from scratch…
Alas the only good DarkRP server’s are the ones that aren’t operating any more.
But then again I’ll get a reply with “omg, I run a serirs darkrp server at this adress”

Features on the server, aka addons and mods won’t change the people.

So, maybe the same idea I posted in the FP server thread?, to buy … let’s say “Gun Dealer” stuff you have to get a license to buy Guns, to buy beer and have a bar you have to get a licesnce to do that, but, you can only use one license at once (Like a Job).