Feb, 8, 2010 Update

From Steam.

okay, cool

No it’s from EA?

It’s from Nintendo, actually.
Anyways - this update didn’t do much to me.

No, he’s right. Just gotta look closely…
I don’t expect nintendo fanboys to see it though :fuckyou:


fail. nice try on that. its just a stupid ea background that you snapped on by print screening the quote. fail

Oh no fucking shit.

I didn’t notice!

O SHIT The update broke garrysmod if you have wiremod installed.

Any issues as a result of this update? Post here.

No that can be found on EA’s website.

i know it sucks

Barley noticed a thing.

Useless update is useless.

Which also broke the game.

Fixed issue where top left of GUI was cut off when the toolgun is deployed

Good, that got fixed.

Fixed toolgun beam prediction errors

Hmm, didn’t notice any. Maybe I’m just slow.

Fixed HTTP connections failing to close

That would indeed be good to have.

Protected server exploit commands

Yay, exploit protection!

Point: Update isn’t useless. Stop whining.

Everything seems to be fine now that I updated my Wiremod. Anyone who has seen the errors (being blatantly wire-related) and hasn’t updated theirs yet is stupid.

All I can complain about is that the font has been replaced with a really bland one, what was wrong with the quirky font that GMod used to have as its mascot?

Don’t you mean it broke Wiremod, not Garry’s Mod?

It actually still seems to be there.

I put “coolvetica” on an EGP text item, and it sure as hell looked like Coolvetica (GMod’s “quirky font”) to me.