February 25 Update Discussion

So the new update has been getting quite a bit of hate. People seem to really not like it. Personally, I love it. The new sky gives me an extra +20 frames when I look at it. It looks great and is a lot better than the previous sky. The night is also a lot better and has variety with the moon cycles. People seem to be fine with tha, even though some people are saying that its useless. The patch does have a few minor bugs but nothing too major. The item durability seems to be an issue for a lot of player because they feel that its unbalanced. I like it and think that the balancing is well done. If you dont like it then simply join the server that has it turned off. I made a video about this so if you like you can check it out. I like the update, not quite sure why so many people hate it.

Video is black here.

ps. use mediatags.

I like it aswell. And I loved the impact of the new sky on the game… Honestly.

Okay. Here’s my take after few hours with the playing with new patch yesterday.

  • Durability concept in general. Provides longevity to game and added cost of wasting elite gear on noob targets.
  • Repair bench is useful, repair cost comes from the actual recipe of the item.
  • New Sky is awesome, looks great, runs great. Moon cycle is awesome and night is better experience overall.
  • Bearsharks (bears no-clipping into the ground, surfacing to attack) have not been spotted since the patch. Possibly fixed?
  • Major difficulty switching equipped item introduced with patch. Particularly switching off of bow after killing an animal.
  • Some glaring durability culprits that should be toned down. Stone hatchet biggest offender. Breaks after only a few nodes and hamstrings the early game disproportionately to the mid-late.
  • 3+ Stone hatchets to break wooden door is too many.
  • Crafting repair bench cost too high, should be a more basic item. It should serve to facilitate trips home to repair gear. Getting it into your home in the first place should be easier -on par with work bench. Possibly stones and wood only recipe. (Why is a wooden table requiring low grade fuel to make?)
    -Day/Night cycle appears to have been shortened, feels a bit on the short side now. That sun is just booking it across the sky. It’s possible this wasn’t changed at all and I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure it was.

Overall, good stuff, great patch, looking forward to exploring it more.

I get +20% FPS. in addition.

The bow seems to take awhile to swap after firing and i’ve debated whether or not it is deliberate to stop a really powerful hit before switching up to another weapon.
The dura decrease needs to be tweaked unless there is another planned mechanic in the future to lengthen it. EG - skill tree system.
Bears and animals are still flying and ‘digging tunnels’ :slight_smile: lol.

Balancing comes with time.
I’m sure Durability loss will be bounced around a few times before it ‘feels right’.

I think the new sky looks great, the stars are crisper now, instead of white fuzzy dots, having a moon with phases that effect the light amount at night also adds more depth to the experience.

The durability took me by surprise at first, just whacking away at some ore and I noticed my stone hatchet icon had turned red. This also adds depth to the game in many ways, makes you think about arbitrary farming for farmings sake or using your pipe shotgun for wildlife all the time.

Looking forward to all the upcoming changes and additions, especially in the crafting aspect!

All this should be fixed, really.

Great post.

I can confirm that I have been attacked by the legendary wolfshark once since the patch when live, beside big rad town while on the road, but not the bear

The only problems I have with the new update are as follows:

  • Durability on tools should degrade slower then they currently do, this only hinders the early game more so then ever and gives power groups more control over servers as they will get out of this rut faster. I think they should reduce the cost to repair a little as well, however both of these items can be tweaked. I have no issue with the durability on weapons / armor as it currently stands as this will help deplete the massive stashes some people get in the later game.

  • If they don’t want to reduce the durability lost on tools have it so if you use the right tool for the job it doesn’t loose as much durability. IE> Pixaxe on stones degrades less, Hatchet on wood, ect.

  • I’m also not seeing a large divergence between crappy tools and good tools. A hatchet doesn’t seem to last that much longer then a stone hatchet.

  • Fix the clipping bears/wolfs issue. I see waaaay more lawnbears and lawnwolves now more then ever.

In conclusion:

Make tools degrade slower and fix the clipping bears / wolves

haha nice. The scariest part is seeing them look at you, and then watching them dive underground. You’re just jumping around with a bow aiming at the ground like “WHERE ARE YOUUUU” waiting for it to surface and attack.

*while it is a glitch that they will fix, it is an entertaining one. I hope they make a monster enemy with this ability later on.

Bear, Wolf sharks still exist

I was wondering if it was my keyboard messing up but I was experiencing the same thing.

Is a wolf/bear shark when the animals glitch into the ground?

I’ve seen “flying” bears and wolfs and “shark” ones since yesterday. If it was a bug/glitch before this patch, I never experienced it.

Update literally BROKE any and all launch option parameters you can use via Steam

This means for a lot of us we just lost 40+ FPS, I went from 70 FPS down to 35ish.

I’ve re-applied the patch, tried the dev patch, reinstalled Rust, all kinds of stuff, not one single launch option parameter works anymore.

What scares me is how long until Garry and team wake up and fix this? We need a hotfix ASAP

In their Trello Art feedthey look to be making ‘trading cards’ probably for Steam achievements, and they might have one for the ‘Killer Rocks’ so it would be funny to have a ‘Bearshark’ card


So, here’re my thoughts on the latest update:

The sky-bit? Meh, I don’t really give a hoot about it. I don’t know about you guys, but I sure as hell don’t stand around looking up at the clouds when I’m playing Rust! It’s nice and all, sure… but it’s not something I’m all giddy ‘n’ such about.

As for the bow-bug? Yup. BTDT. Pain in the ASS! This needs an URGENT FIX!

And now, for my actual point, the durability… it’s a nice enough little concept, kinda like communism or jetpacks, but it’s sadly not up-to-par when put into practice. See, there’s two MAJOR issues with the durability-system as is. The first is the repair method. Or rather, the effects of the repair method. When you repair an item, it loses 50% (might have the exact number wrong, tbh) of the durability repaired in max durability, meaning that every time you repair it, the item’s maximum condition decreases PERMANENTLY. This is an issue not only because it punishes players for having anything more valuable/viable than a pipe shotty or a cannon with 'em when scavenging or hunting, but actually dissuades people from using good gear during raids as well, particularly weapons with a decent amount of mod slots. It SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the “attractiveness” (is that even a real word?!) of higher-end gear for everyone but the most hardcore farmers, and essentially makes using kevlar gear cost more than it can possibly pay.

Second is the fact that after 4 repairs, no matter how big or small (this is ONLY what I’ve heard though; I haven’t verified it myself yet tbh) the item breaks permanently. This is an EXTREMELY vicious and cruel consequence to keeping your gear in good condition, especially when it comes to automatic weapons like the M4 that barely has durability enough to fire five or so mags from full to null, not to mention ones with 3+ mod slots, which alone will inevitably be horribly expensive when trying and “gamble” forth a new one from crafting when it’s perma-broken. See, there’s no guarantee you’ll even get ONE mod slot when crafting any kinda weapon, and that makes this system so horribly flawed that it’s basically a slap in the face to anyone who has any kinda standards above “caveman mongrel” when it comes to equipment.

My suggested fix? Make the durability work in the more “common” way in games. Repairing it boosts the condition back up to 100%, no matter when, how or why you repair, and maximum condition (and I can’t freakin’ stress this enough) NEVER EVER ACTUALLY DETERIORATES! Sounds too easy? I agree. So instead, let’s bump the repair cost up to a whopping amount of potentially 90% of the crafting cost when repairing from null to full. Hell, maybe make it 100% even. But for the love of god, DO NOT PUNISH US FOR ACTUALLY HAVING GOOD GEAR. We are not all farming-happy no-lifers that gladly spends 4+ hours each day, hunting metals and wood just so that we can sustain an above-average “lifestyle” in Rust.

Oh, and while we’re at it, decrease the “breaking rate” for basically everything tools-wise. Having to spend 50% of all your gathered resources just to farm MORE resources is (AT BEST) extremely tedious and will inevitably just cause more people to quit playing than continuing to play.

So there. I’ve said my stuff.

I like the durability in the game. Pretty balanced as well. I think people are just used to how it worked before.