February comic month #1: Steampunk.

Yeah so this is the first of the 4 comic month comics, and the winning vote had to be the hardest to do of them all.

Here is the winning theme with x13 agrees.

It says post-apocalypic and steampunk, i’m doing both becuase the lack of steampunk based models and maps makes the steampunk one hard to do.

But anyway after a long time i finally got togeather a steampunk comic, so here it is.
Right click > view image.


Expect longer ones in future :v:

Prepare to get BUTTPLUGED!

Dude…Make it more lo----FUCKING AWESOME.

Best apocalyptic steam punk comic I have ever seen.

Too much steam punk, needs more apocalypse.

steam, punk

I see what you did there. :q:

Punk Ass steam.




Enjoyed very much but was disappoint in the shortness.


(Also, he has 3 balls)

Oh-ho-ho-ho you sure pulled a fast one on us, madman!

Funny comic.

Planning to release the Nine-toes model?

I didn’t like it, which is bad, since I usually lol through your comics. :saddowns:

Well blame the voters for voting such a hard to do subject.

There are no steampunk models or anything remotly steampunk related.

The post-apocalyptic comics won’t be as hard to do.

Make or improvise.

Just like in the good old days.

This entire thread: :rimshot:

Yes i plan on that, but steampunk stuff is so complicated and i’m no good at contrapsions.

All you need is a gear here and a sprocket there and brown-to-yellow color and you have steampunk!

But really, you can pretty much throw anything together with a brown/gold color and call it steampunk.

For example:

As soon as I saw the steam valve I knew what was going to happen.

Nonetheless, you get a funny for originality. I would have never thought of that.

:golfclap: Well played, my good sir. Well played.