Feces in Rust

I am not sure if this has been thought of to be implemented in Rust but I would very much like to see shit be implemented into the game.

I know at a glance and from what you guys are getting from the first sentence of this, it seems very immature. But I think it would be very entertaining and beneficial to the game, and could contribute many fun and entertaining aspects to the game.

-Someone kills you for being in their territory. You arrive back later when you respawn and leave a hot steamy shit on their doorstep.

-You raid someone’s house. When they arrive back at their home they find an empty room with no supplies around, only you your teammates feces.

-You squat by a sleeping person and leave a steamy surprise for them by their sleeping body.

-Fling feces at enemies

-You’re walking through the forest, you see someone poppin’ a squat and you sneak up behind and bash their skull in with your rock and pick out bone fragments from their shit.

That’s all I could come up with at the moment but most of all it would be a fun aspect that doesn’t linger in many games and the nudity + feces will only bring in more players

Some more people already posted this a long time ago :smiley: but yeah it’s good that you’re insisting maybe some day they will finally do it !

shit post.

Well shit…

It would be great, you would generate shit based on how much/ how often your character ate.

All they would have to do is add a button to press while squatting.

I would imagine that people would create shit villages where they shit everywhere and lag out the server so I say - Make shit despawn within 15 seconds unless within 2 feet of a sleeping newman and make it so your intestines can’t process the food and you puke, if you’re spamming food when your stomach is full.

This way you can shit next to your friend, if he wakes up he will get to see it, then it will disappear.


But srs, making Pee’s and Poo’s mandatory would be cool. Make it so your poop piles up around you while your offline for extended periods. Maybe you could even use it for stuff (fertilizer for your crops namely, or large chunks of dried dung from herbavores can serve as a great smudge (Used for starting/transporting fires. You get it smoldering and wrap it up in leaves, it will last for hours, then when your read for your fire you unwrap, place with kindling, blow on it gently and poof insta-fire

Also make it so you cant sit outside for more than say XX mins before you have to piss. If you dont piss/poop your comfort starts to drop.

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I think it would be awesome for tracking purposes alone, especially since I would assume heavy PVPers eat a lot of food. Tracking dogs and bears would also be fun now that they patrol. Spray paint mostly sounded like an annoyance to me but for some reason I feel like finding the exact same things on my base, only poop, would be 100% funny for a long time. Being able to leave a “hot steamy shit on their doorstep” would have me hunting animals nonstop. Maybe stepping in it could reduce regen until you went through water? Tactical poop!

Would soldiers trained in the use of weaponized poop be privates?

I would probably want to see some reasonable warning of when the next bowel movement needed to happen and maybe a bit of leeway on delaying it but then a decent penalty if you missed the window, increasing the odds that people would occasionally need to decide whether to relieve themselves out in the open, leaving visible evidence and being at risk of someone tracking them or get a doo-doo stains debuff.

Peeing should limit people to walking speed. Pooping should prevent any movement, melee, and crafting.

The real question here is whether the byproducts of either action should have food value.

I know pee can be used to make explosives.
Feces can be used as building material and fertilizer.

Ah yes. New PvE gameplay.

A bowel gauge.

The more you eat, the more it fills up. You run slower and slower until you unload yourself. Spoiled meat gives you explosive diarrhea, you poop while you’re running and hemmourage health. Other players can poison you, making you leave brown trails everywhere. Don’t forget the constipation mechanic, where you are unable to poop so are doomed to being bloated and slow for days.

They could use your STEAM ID to auto generate allergies and lactose intolerance. If you are lactose intolerant and drink some milk, well, they will be hearing your screams all night. Enemies could track the sounds of your raging arse.

I love you.

The animals should also poop/pee. It would let you track them easier!

It would also be amazing if this was included in a (pigment?) system. Like poo, mud, blood, other colors(flowers?). I love the signs they are adding, but being able to collect “pigments” and actually draw graffiti on objects, and yourself(warpaint), would be amazing, and I think it would fit with rust. It would be an interesting layer to customization. Plus I want to hunt while covered in mud like Arnie.

Rust is getting more ridiculous by the day. I’d say this will be implemented by oh say 3pm tomorrow.

I can’t wait to blind my enemies with rectal juices as a result of my IBS afflicted character.

what a great sense of humor you have;)

i’m pretty sure most of this is taking the piss(pun intended). the team filter between good ideas and bad, they don’t just add anything we suggest. cheer up :downs:

+1 to Knifey for using the “taking the piss” phrase. Brilliant.

If it adds something to the game +1.

We already need to eat all the time, so why not take a shit? As long as its rare and not too disgusting, bring it on.

kudos, kudos! xD

This better get included in the game xD