"Fecking Zombies, how do they work" Some special Guy shooting zombies at an airport

C&C please :frown:


Blood is way too bright, the muzzleflash does not look like a muzzleflash. It’s good otherwise.

Good to hear that the key points of the picture failed

Blood is fine for me.

However the muzzleflash, yeah. Looks like an extremely bright light

This muzzleflash is better then your previous ones imo. Still needs a bit of work though.
Good effort.

Muzzleflashes are hard to do. I’m still working to perfect mine.
I like the blood, though. Nothing wrong with that. I like the posing and effects. Nice job overall.

For me everything is quite cool, the only thing i dont like is the fact that the whole picture is blurry, that is really annoying.

Reminds me of this :

thats… probably where he got the title from.


flash is a little to bright

Blood’s pretty bad, the flash is wrong, and you could’ve worked on the models a little. The army fella doesn’t seem too surprised that there’s a bunch of zombies coming for him, and also, the original L4D zombies look pretty shitty what with their blank faces and all.

Editing’s good though, and your other pictures are pretty nice.

(See, Combine? It’s called “politeness”. Please learn it.)


Also, is that smoke near the gun? Like from the muzzle? It’s off.

I like the lightning, those zombies look pretty realistic.

Thanks for the bump mate

2 day bump? Oh my god, horrible. I mean, was that sarcasm?

Forget it
Thanks for the critism