Federal Police Emerging From A World Of Darkness Behind Un-Knowing, Off-Duty, Jinai Members


C&C, please!
Post and rate it, don’t just view it, it’s not like a nude photo of some superbly hot woman, but it’s a image that’s been put effort in to so please treat it like one.

This is a scenebuild in the GM_Construct dark room, using props and models from E.Y.E.

Looks good, would just have put some bluish light to the screen, to make it cast some colour of as well.

I just love the atmosphere on this one, gave me chills.

Too heavy DoF.

I don’t see how it’s too heavy.

well could be my small monitor i dunno

how did u get those models?

By buying E.Y.E.

Lovely lighting.

I give you five dicks for effort!

Me likey

I bet you used GM Mount, G mount or whatever its called, am i correct?

Nope, I copied them over.

Me gusta. The lighting is superb!