Feedback about changes from last week (thrown tools, resource stacking, sentries)

Hi all!

So, I won’t go back again on the “block removal” thing, that has been discussed widely enough imo.

With that said, there are some other changes that went last week (didn’t have a chance to play Rust since yesterday’s update) that have been very welcome, although everything was not detailed on the devblog (unless I missed it).

So the main changes that really made the Rust experience different were…

Throwable tools
Ok. The idea is great, I love it. The implementation is bad, really bad. Not only because a mis-click can happen very often. But also, and foremost because of the extreme bouncing property of those tools. Following them when they bounce off the ground is very hard most of the times, and the direction is unpredictable. So basically, very often, thrown tool = lost tool. Also, it makes that many more unwanted throws when you just want to navigate on the map.
Either reduce the bouncing or make the throwing action key off differently. I would suggest using the “maintain right-click for >half a second”, because it would feel natural imo (would match the time you take to arm your throw in real life).

Resource stack
Not sure if it has been intended for a long time, or one of the dev team just realized when playing how painful it was, but… THANKS for setting higher limits for resource stacks.
This is welcome for wood and stone: it was very acceptable already, but indeed a bit annoying, now you can really make long harvest runs. :slight_smile:
This was a really necessary change for charcoal, because 500 stack in furnace was an utter pain to manage and hardly justifiable since the only resource having such a low stack limit.

Didn’t have a chance to try crafting a sentry turret. But had to confront some of them. And I thought I read on blog that you could deactivate them or quickly destroy them if you managed to lurk behind them. Tried it, didn’t find anything, shot a few rounds, only to see the turret make a 180° turn to down me in a second.

Is that intended? I mean, I thought the turret was designed to be only a “one-side” defense, really hard to fight from the front but easy to overcome with smart tactics…
If you don’t plan on allowing instant deactivation/override, please at least make it so that turning speed is reduced (or turret just can’t make a 180° wihout a re-placement from its owner).

My thoughts. :slight_smile:

Yeah your throwing idea is great and I hope they use your suggestion.

What about resource stacks? I had furnaces topping off at 500 last night after the update, spilling charcoal onto the floor.

Well… Could it come from a plugin then? I’ve been playing on a community server that went from “ootb” to an oxyde version. Have no way to see if there are plugins installed, so when I played again after update I just thought it was one of the changes…

If it comes from a plugin, then I’d suggest official devs take inspiration from it. It is really life-changer.

There was no change in stack limits, what you’re seeing is an oxide mod.