Feedback All in All

So with barely 5k Hours in Rust i wanna give an Feedback.

Legacy was great even when it was bugged and exploitable as shit. It is the first game where i spend multiple hours playing, the game had so many great aspects Clan Wars, Banditry, Friendships were made, Alliances grew, and Betrayals were done.

Now nearly everyone Plays V2 Rust including me its not as Legacy its more like an Group Survival for me right now were playing as a 6 man + 1 Girl Group together and were building great fortress atm on Rustopia [EU/UK]. The Revamped Shooting system shortcut Bulletdrop+travel is great but some weapons may need an overhaul, the Base building is great it lets you being creativ sadly everyone builds Cubes. There are only 2 things which bother me right now. Gathering and Raiding. Gathering is grinding of course dont call me lazy but in V2 rust im grinding a lot more then i did legacy, and secondly since i can build now Quarrys and Pumpjacks there is barely any reason(wood) for me to leave my fortress anymore. And the Last thorn in my Eye is raiding It takes ages to get into the raiding state then it takes a lot of time to get a decent amount of raiding stuff (C4/rockets) and at the end i got nothing from my raid target because he had barely anything useful in his crates. Im not saying “Buff Ressources x amount that raiding makes sense again” but atm i dont see any point in raiding, i cant damage the groups house cuz of the redundance of the splash neither i get something i can use from them. Right now im too scared of online raiding other groups cuz if i fail it would let me grind another 1-2 days for a retry.

with this i just wanna say what i think of the game right know, I love Rust i even convinced about 50 People buying it neither me or them are regreting it. dont Joke about my english its not my Mother language

Sulli out-