[Feedback] - I'm out, sadly

Hi there. I’ve been playing Rust for a long time (1000 hours going to break up). It’s super great, but let’s say that I’m out now. I’ve got enough that Facepunch make this game so ridiculous and stupid. They never think about anything what they’re doing.
Game was in its best when we had winter, forest and desert areas. Now this game has fucked up since there’s scopes for newbies to aim with and flamethrowers which makes wooden buildings totally useless. In official servers you have to spend up to 4 hours in a row at (one session) in order to survive, because base (not even big) requires specific state before you can safely log out from the game.

Developers aims to add game full of shit as much as possible so people will give attention for it and the game will be “sold out”, but they don’t think about all troubles what new weapons with stupid extras causes.
Scale of weapon powers are too polarized that there’s only “shit weapons” and “great weapons” and they’re SO far away from each others.

Nowadays game is only “who’s first in the server to get all items is the best” like that. Starting the game on newly wiped server makes me laugh, because if you start doing a wooden base it will be raided while you’re online gathering a stone to upgrade it. People with flamethrower is burning it down. It makes no sense anymore. Stop adding the useless shit and make more tiers or something for the game. I would like to see it more balanced.

Solo/Duo players can’t enjoy about the game in any kind of way, because people are spoofing around to ruin everyone’s gameplay. Spoofing in short time is possible, but building a base that cannot be raided within a 5 minutes in short time isn’t possible.

I am not making this post, because I’m pissed. Let’s say that I love the game that much that I had to give my feedback, because it’s pretty sad that this game isn’t same game anymore. It requires too much time to survive. This is potentially great game, but there’s too much nonsense things.

Everything I hate in this game is: Flamethrower and 4x Zoom Scope.

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okay thanks for playing

why do people insist on the whole “i’m never playing again because” threads when they could just, say, rationally explain why it shouldn’t be that way…

as bitches said

Developers add stuff before they balance stuff. Thats how developing a game works you add stuff then you check how youre community reacts to it and then when that item is known thats its going to stay as it is then it gets balanced. Best Example early days C4.

If you dont like the game in its current state you should make a break and comeback in a while stuff will change. Thanks for your Feedback.