Feedback On Rust

I died again! This game is so unfair and I want a Refun Jussst Kidddding

After playing about a week and reaching “End-Game” Several Times (Several 100 times…? LoL)
I have some feedback that may or may not be read…

Please feel free to call me a retard or chime in with opinions.
In B4 Alpha… These are just suggestions and random thoughts… Don’t get your alpha panties in a knot.

Windows Are Horrible Things - I Learned this the hard way… There is nowhere you can place a window and still be safe. The wooden structures in this game are not placed consistently. Using the wooden barricades that require NO foundation you can essentially stack them up like a stair case and crawl through any window (3 - 4 floors high? Np) I have had an amazing base destroyed only to see a stacked pair of barricades outside the base. (Not stair cases… not ramps… Barricades)

I feel there needs to be either constructable doors on windows that allow you to close the window… or it should be too small to crouch into.

Destroy Own Building Structures - A Misplaced pillar or wall can ruin an entire base concept. I think there should be a timer or something that allows the person who placed a building part to destroy that part with a few hits of any weapon. It is really annoying when you want to destroy your own base or move your own base. Again this likely due to Alpha stage of development but I hope something exists to erase bad base placement in the future.

Offline / Sleeper Raiding - It has been mentioned 1000 times and I have no real solution. The Off hour raids are really ruining the feel of the game and I know that DayZ went through the same issues… If you are able resolve this… you are a Game Design God… I love that when you log out your body still exists and that your base is always available… I don’t want that to change. However in the world of min / max… players will always raid you when your offline… it just makes sense. I’m not young anymore and can’t pull all nighters waiting for the inevitable attack… but a solution to this issue would be great because it does kill the immersion… (if someone C4ed my door I would likely wake up)

Resource Spawn Rates - Certain parts of the map are absolutely barren of any wildlife or resource spawns… And parts of the map respawn stone and wood bundles in almost 15 second intervals (Outside of Resource Valley). I definitely enjoy the fact that resources are more available in certain spots making those areas higher traffic spots and more Risky. However I feel lots of the map is a dead zone and this makes it impossible to survive when you spawn there… and pretty lonely because nobody else is there either… (Generally near the coast on the north side of map it seems). Maybe a few adjustments should be made to resource spawning? Just throwing it out there.

Thats It - Amazing Game! - I have a huge amount of other small issues like Wildlife clipping inside rocks or underground… Or strange physics stuff… All small things that will be fixed and don’t matter much anyways… Amazing Game. Thanks!