Feeding Alyx (Romka's New Alyx)


Now she has the original head, 9 jiggle bones and vastly improved fingers. Other improvement are the procedural bones on several joints.

Download http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=978673

What the fuck is she eating :psyduck:

Pizza. Only pizza model I had.


Now wait a second, you were posing all these hours for this picture ?

Eh no. Just didn’t shut down GMod at first. Made this yesterday.

The T-Shirt looks like it says Lick Me from that angle.

Hehe it does. Didn’t notice that.

Had to check. It says Black Mesa.

Could’ve also been “fuck me”, but yeah, it’s just Black Mesa.

You always did amaze me with your linked nudity screenshots, jigglebones and nude characters, rast. I do agree with you though, Alyx is awesome. Youre like the famous porn guy on this site. How old are you. Rast. if you dont mind me asking.

I can imagine what two of the 9 jigglebones are. :q:

He probably put 4 jigglebones in the boobs, 4 in the jacket and one for the hair.

No jiggles in the boobs. And I am a 150 year old vampire demon.


The skin looks better than the original I believe.

Very nice, your feminine poses are always the best.

Wtf, no boob jigglebones, this is bullshit.

Now where can we get this vastly improved Alyx?

Just a thought. Why do people show attractive women eating in commercials? A girl eating pizza or a cheeseburger is probably the least attractive thing you can show a women eating. I would personally never make out with a girl after she just ate friggin pizza. You guys never thought about it but eating brings out the gross side in people, certain restaurants you should avoid when going on a date. Anyways, getting off topic, you’re posing is very nice and realistic, I’m just not a fan of the old 2004 models.

You’re just too picky, Kurit.