Feeding the Gods of the Underworld


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scenbuild pics:





Wow, I mean that is just…wow.

this is so lovecraftian it’s not even funny

have a medal

That is so…METAL.

I love this so much, those brain tentacle things are pretty damn cool.

Incredibly creepy, yet awesome composition!

heya, thanks!
my recipe for flying tentacle brains:
you take one strider brain, combine it with four tentacles from the RE Nemesis and put an
UT3 energy core onto it aswell. add a light effect and there you go! flying monsters. :slight_smile:
(tentacles are best posable with gravity off)

i get gitty every time i see a thread by TheMask

Awesome stuff as always, Mask. :smiley:

Straight up AD and D circa 1980.

Holy shit
This is just amazing

What’s the original map and can we see the scene build from a different angle?

One day, i wanna grow up tah be just like you.

Naw but seriously, you outdid yourself this time. have a winner just for the creativity of it.

did you use any bloom here btw? some of that shit would have fit p. well

updated first post with scenbuild pics.
because it’s a pitch black map you can
change the color with the command:
(only compatible with maps that
have fog support.)
it’s the map “gm_flatgrass_dark” v2
which i use for every scenebuild.

yeah. bloom is added and a slight glow effect at the lava

So amazing in so many ways.

Damn. That tentacle thing could stand alone! Holy hell