Feeding the junior.

Played L4D2 yesterday and felt like doing something pretty grotesque.

So here we are, hills have eyes meets Left 4 Dead. :slight_smile:

Some of the shadows are a bit meh. But hey, it’s only gmod.


hiding in the closet




Very nice. Creepy as hell though.

The fuck.

Nick has boobs.

Well shit, thought the Spitter was creepy enough…

This reminds me of that movie The Cottage a little bit.

What the hell did i just see?

Sexy + gross= creepy.


Why is nick naked?

Good grief. Pretty neat job there. Love the idea and the execution.


Because cloths do not taste very good. Even monsters have standards.

you need some work on the bleeding part…

Very impressive.

I like how you used the shadows.

What the hell happened to Nick’s left arm?

Fucking weird.

I thought out all people you would like this. :o

Also, the fuck?