Feel like getting back into mapping. Need some help.

Ah, its been a long time. 2009 in fact. I quit some time in 2009.

Anyway, I have the urge to get back into mapping. A few things though, Where should I start?

I remember doing something to set up Hammer that gave me access to all of my source game textures, I don’t remember how to do this.

Hmm. Where do I start and how can I get myself set up?

get everything installed and running,
look at concepts
get excited about one
make it!
show it!

about accessing every source games’ textures, I wouldn’t do that. as pakrat or packbsp won’t be able to detect any custom content. if you plan on sharing your map to someone that don’t have that set up stuff will be black and purple. Unless you pack materials manually.

Alright. Starting up SDK. Thanks.