Feeling rather optimistic.

We have all felt rather disappointed about this game at one point or another- big or small. At first, the game was rather unplayable for me. I bought a Mac (jokes now ensue, blah blah) about a year ago for my music studio, and since my PC was lacking in the graphics/RAM area, I realized that I just have to play games on my Mac. So, I bought Rust- suffered through huge FPS spikes, rough gameplay, and a staggering amount of bugs. However, through time, the game has slowly improved. Response is better, FPS are much more tolerable, and the game feels like it’s getting a solid footing- no matter how shaky the foundation has been.

The whole “It’s in Alpha stage” quote is overused in a big way. There are plenty of games out there that are dealing with environments and variables that dwarf this one. Things should be moving a bit faster on the development side. There’s no arguing that- I don’t care what type of fanboy you are. They’re lagging. Pretty bad. Accept it.

Regardless of whether they’re lagging or not, there is a game characteristic in this game that I cannot shake. It feels endearing, in a way. I feel as though I am rooting for the underdog in a number of ways every time I notice a small improvement in the game. This game is constantly changing. In Minecraft, for example, you mine materials to build things out of said materials. Addicting as hell, but it lacks a characteristic that Rust seems to have.

Long story short, I’m willing to give the dev team a bit more slack and extra time. People are too impulsive with games, and in general life these days. If it doesn’t work to your satisfaction no questions asked all the time, it’s junk. It’s now labeled as the pariah of games/software and people tend to spend the life of their attention span trying to dismantle a game that “they bought with their hard earned money”. Solid games are hard to come by- even if it’s a finished one. Let us not talk about “Superman 64”, right? That was a “finished” game. With people behind it. Real people sent that product out the door and said “Ah fuck it, it’s got the name on it- people will buy it”.

This game feels as though it’s taking its sweet ass time. And it is. However, I feel like the game we now know and love- and love to hate- will become something bigger than we had thought. This game has all the possibilities and potential in the world. $30 for a game that’s relatively solid in it’s Alpha stage isn’t too bad- and I’m sure most of the people that bought it surely got their moneys worth out it. So, instead of complaining that this game doesn’t have dirt bikes/bazookas/Harrier jets, let’s appreciate it for what it has- and more importantly- what it doesn’t.