Feelins' ?

Look mate, you know who has a lot of feelings? Blokes what bludgeon their wife to death with a golf trophy.


Took me a while to post it there. I’m always shy when posting my screenies on facepunch. :toot:

It’s really nice, artistic for you. :razz:


Why is the sniper about to beat the shit out of the Scout’s mom?

Nice posing.

Because he’s turning into a bloke what bludgeon his wife to death with a golf trophy.

Didn’t someone post the EXACT same picture a few months ago?

Ohhh? Sorry if I dont catch the TF2 puns easily :C I never got TF2…

Enhanced AI; I dont remember seeing this pose before, any ideas on which user made it?

I don’t remember posting it myself, it was posted on the LMAO pic thread. I made it around november, so yeah, someone might have posted it already.

I think it originally came from TF2chan.

Cause shes not in the kitchen.

Yeah I posted it there and on a french website, originally.

Aw man that sucks, scout’s gonna be pissed.

That what you get for cheating on the spy