Feet First

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/27247686/Feet First resize.jpg

"Jumping feet first into hell isn’t your job, Making sure it’s crowded when you get there is…"

Hell yeah, feet first into hell!
Really nice, lovely posing and angle.

Although the hog doesn’t seem to have a driver.

It doesn’t need a driver for the gun to work.

Well i assumed since by the looks of it they’re advancing therefore i thought it was odd that there was no driver on a fully functional warthog.

though your poses aren’t super ultra fancy-looking and pro-photoshopped there’s still something fantastic about them

how do you do it

I don’t know.

I really like it, especially the posing. How’d you do the fire “ashes”?



Who is driving…?

The vehicle is obviously not moving.

Love it.

I got one problem, though: who’s driving the Warthog?

Read above.

So they’re leaving him behind?

Prehaps he just jumped on it quick to take down a large enemy.

Use your imaginations people.

Or maybe they are all from the hog (squeeze two more in the back with the gunner) , and the gunner is currently giving them cover fire so they can advance/flank.

I very much dislike that cynicism doesn’t translate well through the internet.

(I was just being difficult, lonefirewarrior)