FEET! I can't see my feet! [For Garry]

I need to see my feet. I just hate it when I am playing a game I look down and see all of my body is missing. I am not trying to make a joke out of not seeing my feet or anything else for that matter but having feet and a whole body to your first person view to me really makes me feel immersed and apart of the character I am playing as. Garry has a lot on his plate as he is remaking rust, a game without feet but adding this in would really benefit how much players emerge in the game as a nude man.

P.S. This is not a scheme to see my own penis in rust.

Garry on Garry. :dance:

I think they said somewhere they were going to do something similar to tf2’s cl_first_person_uses_world_models 1 or whatever it was.

admittedly i would like this. last game i could see my own body was mirrors edge, and it really helps you immerse in the game. and to see how close you are to the edge of the wall XD

Full body awareness is always significantly more immersive provided it is pulled off correctly. Garry mentioned at one point that he would like to see immersion at the level of manually loading ammunition into magazines so it wouldn’t surprise me if full body awareness is on his rader.

Yeah, I am glad you guys agree with full body first person view it really does help you immerse yourself into the game.


found it knew i had seen it somewhere.

I really wish Garry would stop trying to be too original i.e Can’t use those torches as thats too minecraft or in this case body view in 1st person is too DayZ.

Do what is best for the game you could make comparisons for all aspects of the game if you think like that. Oh the players are using their Feet to move just like in manic miner i think just to not be compared to it, we should walk on our knees all the time and jump using only our hands, just as not to copy anyone ideas,

Screw that Use the best ideas, implement them within rust, make the game the best way possible,
yes put in body in 1st person it’s a good idea maybe we could look down to see the extent of our bodily damage.

also with the arrival of Oculus rift no one will want to feel like a floating camera with arms,

Sounds awesome, thanks kulan for the link. Now we just have to hope for the best to see our feet in rust one day… one day.

Trespasser had full body immersion, and that was made in the 90’s. Stick to your principles, if you want immersion then do it. Don’t let some other product hold back a functional concept just because they copied something natural first.

Arma 2 has a body, and that looks very nice. Add rust style to it, and watch as your cloth and stuff appears and disappears in front of your eyes!

Yeah, hopefully facepunch end up adding this feature