Felicia from Darkstalkers

Alrighty. To model this one would be a quite a task, but it has been done before. However, while some of these models are mediocre, others are quite nice. Either way, I have yet to actually acquire a model. Here’s what I’m hoping for in this model;

  1. Actually looks like her.
  2. Finger Posing
  3. Face Posing
  4. Eye Posing
  5. Poseable Tail
  6. Good amount of joints and poseable parts (like the Zero Suit Samus Brawl model, or the SFIV Cammy model)

I’d really appreciate this if someone could get it done.





Although personally, I’d really prefer this particular version;



I’d like to see Felicia as well. I’d also like to see someone (like myself once I figure things out) do Morrigan. That’d be damn nice.

Say, aren’t Morrigan and Felicia in the 3d fighting game Tatsunoko vs Capcom? I know Morrigan is, don’t know about Felicia though, considering I haven’t played it.

No, unfortunately Felicia isn’t in it. Morrigan is though.

(I’d personally have preferred Felicia, but hey, it had Karas in it. That’s good enough for me. And when UAS comes to America, you can bet I’ll be requesting Zero and Karas.)

i detect furfag

Nope, just a Felicia fanatic.


Thank you for the rainbow. I really am not that optimistic. Just f*cking determined.

BOINK!-I mean bump.

Beautiful Upwardly Moving Post.




Mind if I post?
This old tread could come back alive with the new MvsC.
Since they have 3D models, they may be hexed to Gmod.
Unless nobody cares about it anymore…
Well, this was just a attempt to make SZK happy. :3

How do you people even find these threads?

I’m going to go with bookmarks, google and clicking the buttons a whole lot.