Fellowship *WIP*


Can a Mod please close the thread. I’ll repost when I’m further in the project.

Honestly, not very good. The beginning static shot with the two players walking was incredibly unexciting. Also the fly by cams over the npcs battle are about as generic a way to present those as possible.

Spice up the editing and the camera shots. Also I saw the hud in one shot, make sure that’s off. Use cat mull rom camera for every shot you can. It will help, trust me.

Meh, editing was kind of bad, and the story was strange. Began with two people walking towards screen, switched to combine battle, switched to the player with a few people in his squad, to a guy driving a car, to another NPC battle. The whole ‘friendship’ thing is cool, however I think the message will be hindered by the relatively low quality. And as for the poster, I wouldn’t have added so many superfluous pictures into it, they look very crudely cut-in.

I still wouldn’t mind seeing it as a (short) film, mind you.

Can a Mod please close thread.