Female 01 heand and legs on a witch's body?

I want the legs of Female 01 and her head to replace the witch’s head and legs (of course while keeping the hair of the witch).

EDIT: typo in title, rate bad spelling, until a mod fixes it.


Can I at least get a comment?

i’ve done this before in dods, not sure if it’s the same here, but you can try. download softimage xsi tool. it’s free and designed for smd source model files(not sure if support is being updated regularly though. i heard they discontinued the xsi tools)

open the witch model, delete the leg and head vertices, then import female 01 model an remove the arms and torso vertices. use welding tool to meld the female 01 legs and head to the witch torso/hip/arms. then open up the wrapping tools and make sure the legs and head are within the skeleton range and attach it to their respective joint.

do not make the additions too large otherwise it might cause consistency problems.

This is pretty hard. You’d have to match up the witch’s neck with the female head exactly so it doesn’t look like poo.