Female Angel Ragdoll/NPC

hello, I am currently creating a Gaunts Ghosts Machinima using garry’s mod, and would like to request a Ragdoll or NPC, I am terrible at coding or anything, and would like to ask the Gmod community if they can help.

What im looking for is a Female Angel, wearing a white gown, with white featherd wings, Either a NPC or a Ragdoll, but a Ragdoll would be one i would want the most. A Npc later on though.

I dont have any pictures or anything to help. and would just like to ask if anyone could help supply me with one,

Anyone who does help will be listed in the credits of the Machinima

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why is this dumb? you all must be idiots if you actually put this as dumb.

Complaining about ratings isnt really a bump-worthy post.

I’ve been looking for one of these also. Someone really needs to port one. Uh oh, I’m gonna get a dumb label for agreeing because this is Facepunch.


I disagree, Hak. An angel model for GMOD would still be awesome no matter what was in the forums. It’s not about the post, it’s about getting an angel for GMOD and no matter what someone said in the forums, it doesn’t make an angel model any more or less needed. Neither does it degrade the quality of a suggestion or make it anymore or less a good or bad suggestion.

Ratings determine if i’m cool or not!

I wasnt complaining, i was just just noting it, and Not intentionally Bumping. as it is my Post anyway. and saves me trying to start it again. and… You are actually bumping it by complaining at me for bumping. Smart idea

Anyway. in the Gaunts GHosts Machinima, One of the Characters, H’laine ‘Mad’ Larkin talks to an Angel. So i thought I could use one. that is the main reason why i need one

I would like to see a really awesome detailed High quality angel model.

THERE are one.Sephiroth-angel of death

are you 12

No im 18…

didn’t you noticed that this thread is reguest

I could use one to :slight_smile:
but I suck at coding or doing something with models :frowning:

for the machinima guy. in most tv shows or movies when charecters speek with angels they usually look like us but they use spesial efects to make people asume there angels or they don`t until a later meeting for dramatic effect hope i could help