Female Assasin (BlackMesa Mod) Playermodel (Request)

I want BlackMesa’s Female Assasin as playermodel for Garry’s Mod

Get files from BlackMesa Mod and turn this npc’s model files to playermodel

if someone does this i’ll give him 40 Dollars for this.

I want BlackMesa Source Female Assasin Player model if someone makes this model i’ll give him/her 40 Dollars (USD)

This is the image


40 bucks is far from bad.

I’ll upload if you do playermodel and everyone can download it.
I’ll give money who makes it. I promise my steam id: hakan_cs

Why is it that some people are willing to blow money on a model?

You make far more progress by using this rather than asking an experienced modeler to do this for you.

Is this guy fucking serious?

By the looks of it, unfortunately yes.

@OP: Just take Kartoffel’s advice and save your money.

Ok sir, Thanks for advice. I haven’t got a money problem just i want it to finish fast :smiley: