Female assassin escaping from an abandoned train yard.

Scene build, pose and edit by me. C&c please.


I see where the end of flatgrass is, to the right. Should of put tree’s/grass, possibly showing a hill representation.

Muzzle flashes are a little, odd. And it doesn’t look like the guns are aiming at the soldiers being shot.

But why is everyting blurred?

Very nice Dutch-Guy, you’re getting better at this!


Alright, I’ll make a list of whats wrong, since there isn’t much to see in this picture that’s good that won’t be pointed out:

[ul]First off, you can obviously see flatgrass in the distance.[/ul]

[ul]The blur is an eye sore[/ul]

[ul]She’s missing with her second gun[/ul]

[ul]The two guys falling down seem to have bullet wounds. No blood spiriting out, no evidence that they were shot. For all we know, a rock was throw very hard at them.[/ul]

[ul]You haven’t covered the ground properly[/ul]

[ul]Tracks are disjointed[/ul]

[ul]Apartments don’t grow from grass[/ul]

[ul]The scene is a big cluster fuck, you need to establish the view area and clutter area. Which is which I can’t see.[/ul]

[ul]The grass is uneven, dead on one side, hugely alive on the other[/ul]

[ul]Doesn’t make sense that one soldier would have his gun drawn and the other on his back[/ul]

[ul]Smoke looks like flour[/ul]

[ul]Muzzle flash looks like a flame thrower[/ul]

[ul]Finger posing is awkward and so is the posing[/ul]


It doesn’t look like you paid much attention to the scene build or pose, seems like you just wanted to post something. The picture was executed very poorly, the idea, although generic, could of been a savior if you payed attention to it. It doesn’t look like you’ve seen a rail yard either. All this is is a train track through a mess of tractors and buildings.

Depth-of-field is really bad. The whole picture is so blurry.

Sharpen is bad.