Female charactars?

Will there be female charactars in rust?
On our server there are several girls and boys playing asking for this feature.
I know its a alpha, and the focus is probably not on things like this now, but im sure the game would attract a lot more “roleplayers” if it had female toons in it.
To not make a sexgame out of this i guess the female charactar could have somekind of cover over genitals, maybe a leaf or someting? this is just some thoughts and a serious question to developers.

I also add a poll to ask what others think about this

I don’t think there are going to be more sexual remarks than there are now anyway, at least after a while when they get used to it. I really do want female characters, also do I want it to be as random as skin colour.


For females only to distinguish them, and to see whom we can have online relat… have as companion.

I dunno about making gender random like skin color. I love the random skin color system, but I think you should probably be able to choose what gender you play as.

If men aren’t censored, women aren’t going to be either. I dunno why you would even suggest something like that.

if we cant choose our skin color then we shouldn’t be able to choose our sex, as garry said choosing your skin color doesnt happen in RL

They’re not the same thing though. If someone wants to play a girl or guy, let them choose.

obviously their not but i didn’t get to choose to be a Male when i was born nor my skin color so if their applying the same principle in Rust with the skin color then they should do it to the sex as well. It’s fair and balanced. If we get to choose our sex then we should get to choose our skin.

Why dont they just make a character creator, so we dont need randomized skin and gender to have different looking characters, and everyone is happy?

7 days to die is an excellent example, same as reign of kings. Dayz has a kind of character creation I remember. Rust has almost the lowest level of customisation currently in market of survival games.

old topic, probably gonna be introduced eventually but not really a high priority at this time. the bones of random/custom character variations are there, i’m sure will be added later on including gender/build/hair/custom clothes etc.

i’m happy with randomised skin tones and facial features, but admittedly would like to be able to choose gender. that said, i could deal with it being randomised if it came to it.

as for a character creator, that would be another option i suppose.

Maybe offtopic but I think I spotted nude females in the trailer of the upcoming game “ARK survivial evolved”. Let’s see how that turns out.

EDIT: nevermind. http://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/617335934130354207/

i suggested the leaf over genitals, only couse i saw earlier old threads beeing flooded with sexism, about hairy ******* and stuff. but yeah! nice that more then me thinks we should have a femalecharactar

It would be nice if we would spawn with worn clothes which we can turn into cloth (just like breaking skulls into bone fragments) so we can craft a sleeping bag or a bow. Would really help for the start.

I’m pretty sure Garry commented on Reddit that women aren’t playable due to some kind of story reason.

hard to tell if that’s humor or a genuine response;)