Female character model

Some of you will remember, about 6 months ago when the female character model was first unveiled, you could logon to the Staging server to see whether your character was going to be male or female.

Does anyone know if those previous settings are going to be maintained?

Eg, if you were male/female on the staging server 6 months ago, does that mean you will be male/female again today, after the update?

I think its a re-roll, that’s what others have been saying, pretty sure I saw Garry say that somewhere.
Admins can change the color of their skin so I assume the Gender can be changed too.

Who cares?

The more important question is: Will we be seeing vaginas on signs everywhere after this update?

Probably, and a huge increase of Strip Clubs, Prostitution and Valkyrie’s roaming the battle fields for warriors to take to Valhalla.

more than likely.

Last time I didn’t turned into a female now I did.

I was on the prerelease server just a couple of hours before the wipe, and there i was female, and after the update on the main, i became the same female as in prerelease, so i think that’s how it works.