Female character

It is possible to choose characters in a future? My gf wants to be a girl (I know that the female model is not out yet) but I’m not sure if it possible for her to change the model when the time arrives.

Can you explain me how it works or how it will work?


Also clans will form around the idea of the matriarchy

It will be all random. Your character may become female.

Then I don’t understand why are they working on a female character if you are not able to use it :confused:

Like player size, skin color or face (and penises), the gender will be random. You’ll have guys who are girls IG and vice versa. It will be used, you just won’t have a choice about what your character looks like.

Because players wanted boobies in the game.

I honestly don’t want to be a girl. It seems pretty stupid, at least for me. I am a guy, so I want to play as a guy. I don’t get why this game has to do something random like this, it may be a good thing for some people but not for all. Sometimes devs take decisions on their own without asking the community.

My gf didn’t want to play the game just because she don’t want to be a guy with a dick, but I told her that they were working on the female model and she is waiting for it. She is having fun with the game but if she finds that the female model is random, I hope she won’t stop playing.

The player models will be based on steam id. It is known.

THere is a better solution, the game could detect your voice with a mic and then choose the gender depending on your tone of voice !

If the gender of the character you ONLY see when you open your inventory bothers you, maybe you should re-examine your priorities. Or go play some other game.
Are you the kind of guy who won’t play a game if the main character (or a secondary playable character) is a female? Like Tomb Raider, The Last of Us… (That bit with Ellie and the bow… Just amazing <3)? If so, you are not a clever person.

I beg that the random thing doesn’t change my character now, it’s perfect right now!
He’s black and got a big penis.


I like that its random - you get what you get, and have to deal with it.

Seems to me like you’re just being an SJW dick. It’s the same as in RPGs, people like to create their character, including their gender. I doubt he refuses to play any game with a female lead.

He said it himself, he’s a dude, and only wants to play as a dude. Males have a very sensitive sexual identity and it would cause untold psychological damage to the male population if they were forced into something as heinous as playing as a girl. I really hope garry reconsiders this or else our future generations will be irreversibly damaged by this reckless change to game design.

switch accounts with your gf if you become a female. Or create new steam accounts and buy rust untill you get a char you like to play. Not really another way.

If shes only playing the game just to have a female model, then there’s something wrong with that.

Thats not fair to the squekers though. xD

Edit: I do not actually have a problem with this random system. Just wanted to clarify that.

While I don’t have a problem with the random system, I don’t think it’s as unreasonable as some of you do that people might want customization.

Character customization has become a big part of rpgs, and it gives people a sense of identity with what they create and invests them in their character.

Nope, actually, I piss on most “SJW”, because most of what they say is a complete load of bullcrap.
I’m not saying that it would be stupid to be able to choose. I’m just saying that it would contradict the “randomness” that the devs want to put in the game. You can’t choose your size. You can’t choose your skin colour. You can’t choose your dick size. You can’t choose your gender. You can’t choose (except for Savas and Hapis) the topography of the map you play on. Give players the possibility to choose ONE of these factors, and tons of people will come to complain why they can’t have a complete player player editor. And this would contradict what the devs want in the game. A partial solution for this would be to create a plugin that would be implemented by admins on some RPG servers to be able to choose your gender. But not in every single one.

Maybe my message was misinterpreted (I’m not a native english speaker, this might explain that), but I think that the gender of the character you won’t even see that much shouldn’t be such a huge spot of bother. From what I’ve seen and heard from a lot of other players, most don’t even give a two shit flying fuck.

Oh, and by the way, I am a dude, and I’d rather play as a dude in the game. But, were my character a girl, I wouldn’t even mind it.

nah, you spoke clearly. some people just like to kneejerk with the “SJW” labelling to try and stop people expressing an opinion they disagree with.