Female Characters / Pitch Black Night / Weather on RUST

Hello everyone,

Firstly I want to say that “RUST” ROCKS!!! The most amazing game I have ever played and I wait for all of the updates like crazy… Good Job with the game idea and game itself.

1’st Opinion. I think It would be nice to add female characters but base it on steam if possible. So if ur steam profile says “Female” u have female character, And if ur steam says “Male” u have male character. Well but its only my opinion. ( It would be nice to see female characers naked to LOL )

2’nd Opinion. I think the night needs to be pitch black. So u would feel that at night u need to stay inside ur house and do some other stuff… To be scared to go at night cuz u don’t see anything. If u will make night NOT PITCH black it will be same thing 24/7 and u will be able to farm at night and day. And when u go raiding its fun to go when its pitch black and u can only see when u use flare or light or something like that. BTW if night will not be pitch black and u will be able to see at night… So why u need to flash light mod or flare and stuff like that… They will be useless.

3rd Opinion. Weather. I think it would be nice to have rain, snow, fog, wind. EG on windy day u would not be able to use torch or something. On rainy day u would not be able to use torch as it will be wet… And it would make lot of noise. So when u go to raid on the rainy day it would be hard to hear ur footsteps etc.

But most important thing is PITCH BLACK NIGHT. And maybe base some on weather. If its clear sky to make moon shine little bit so u could see something. When there is cloudy day it would be pitch black. I love that Pitch black.

Well it is only my opinion… So people could judge and tell their opinion.

Thank you for ur time. :slight_smile:

Itnisbstill oitch black when there is no moon.
Before the patch when it was pitch black everynight that is when I would be out collecting resources and killing everyone. Its not scary and easy to see even without gamma cheats. Its not needed or useful I will kill you either way

Jiggle physics would be too expensive. No females! ;D

But it is possible to get that darknes a really dark and take out textures of stones, rocks, grass and stuff when its black… I know that cuz Im computer scienc student myself. So no gamma cheat would work on it. But I just saying that I would love to see that pitch black… That’s why I got interested in this game. That darkness was not like other games. But now it just got ordinary night. Nothing special… So As I sayd it would be nice to see a real darkness at night and even for longer time. It would be more realistic.

And I would love to see a real scope with zoom added and binoculars. And it would be nice to find a game map in game (But don’t want anything saying “U ARE HERE” and stuff) just a simple map on a peace of paper that u can bring up by clicking “M” for example. Cuz at the moment people need to minimize game and see map on some rust database and stuff.

Other thing it would be nice to be able to make some stone houses and stuff. :slight_smile: Cuz stone is used just for couple items at the moment. So it would be nice to be able to use it to build ur house. :slight_smile: And It would look nice I guess. :slight_smile:

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I don’t need that Jiggle LOL … I think it would be nice to see some female in rust with cloth armor or naked for a change. :slight_smile: don’t need that tities flapping around. Just a fixed female figure. :slight_smile:

It still gets too dark to operate even now. Why should we be forced to stay in our houses, though? You seem to want people to only go out during the day. As for gamma hacks, I don’t want them to alter the game experience to foil cheaters – that’s what cheatpunch, VAC, ect… are for.

I don’t need that Jiggle. It would be nice just to see female figure for a change on rust. Even if its fixed figure with no flapping around. LOL

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Yes because it would be more realistic if during the night u would better be inside ur house and stuff… U can still use torch and flash light to see things but I really want that pitch black… But as I said its only my opinion. :slight_smile: I loved when u run somewhere and it ets so dark so u need to get in to some corner and wait for the morning. I loved that realistic feeling when ur abit scared to light a torch at night so others wont see u and u forsed to crawl in between some rocks and wait for 5 minutes until the morning. I don’t want another dayZ kinda game. I want realistic and have it not to be just farm 24/7 and run freely at night with no light and see perfect. I want it to be realistic so u better of to wait for morning in the house to go farm next morning. To have that real cycle of day and night. To get really in to game and feel those feelings and not have a game that u just play to farm and kill other people. I want that real life “KINDA” game based on “WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF IT WAS REAL LIFE” if u know what I mean. Game based on real life effects and stuff.

There is a board dedicated to suggestions, plus all 3 of these things have already been suggested a number of times.

I will say this – my favorite fire-fights ever have been at night, with each person creeping around listening for their opponent until one of them pops a torch or flashlight, giving away their location. That shit is intense.

I love the nighttime on the high pop deathmatch/battlefield servers. Whenever someone lights a fire inside a tall base in the middle of a field gunfire from every direction will suddenly light up the night as the base gets pummeled by bullets.

If nothing else, at least the OP is honest that s/he just wants to see naked females in Rust rather than claiming some possibly non existent female acquaintance would play Rust if it had female as a character choice.

pitch dark night is a MUST !

Hey the game needs male and female models… if ya want to survive, you need to repopulate. :wink: Talk about adding another level to the game. Now you have to not only build a shelter for yourself but your life partner and children… and protect them as well. This may help drive a reason for communities and banding of people together.

So about that “PITCH BLACK DARK” Iw played rust last night after about 2 weeks of break as I moved to another house. And when they changed the night in to this night and not pitch black… Game lost its fun… I have DELL XPS 1710 old laptop but it have “Diamond” screen that is really good ( Still good but its an old laptop… so don’t judge on that) What I want to say is that for me ( I don’t know what about other players) I see everything at night. There is no difference to farm at night or day. And I noticed that its not that fun to sneak up to some house at night when u see light inside and just scare them or listen what they speak inside as they can open doors and see me straigt away… If FacePunch will make decisions like that they will loose even more players. Even now it is obvious that servers are empty. And Sunrice and sunset is not as beautiful as it was before… I loved that RED everything when there is sunset or sunrise. That was really amazing… And now it just lost it… So I would like to see some changes.

Females plus pitch black nights. … me likey

naked females would be OP, would be too much of a distraction to get an accurate shot.

And That would be awesome :open_mouth:

When it was really pitch black no amount of gammachanging would help you anyways. For the other part of the nights when it was really dark, sounds like you have a really crappy screen with extremely bad blacklevels.

Somewhat agree, night time should not be pitch black, rather there should be giant spiders or some creepy crawly bodies that drag half of their bodies around the ground and act like zombies.