Female Combine Assassin

Is that the alien combine assassin behind her?

No. It is zombie behind her.

The purple light seems really out of place.


That guy standing in the background is really creepy.

Generally not suggested to take screenshots of NPCs, and the lighting seems really out of place which has been mentioned, looks like some crap you’d see on one of them rave parties or whatever

This not NPC, man. You’re mistaken.
I posed this some time.

I saw “Female Combine Ass” and got excited but now I am disappointed. :suicide:


Guys, please, write main errors.
I need to know what to develop.

Your english.

Dem Colors

Well it made me think it was an NPC because it’s the exact pose the Alyx NPC stands in when holding her gun in Half-Life 2 + Episodes. :downs: