Female combine tackling a rebel while being shot at

My edited version(not very good with gimp :confused: )


Oringinal(at a diffrent angle cause i hit save instead of save as on accident)


also if anyone has a link to a muzzle flash , blood , and a bullet guide could you pm me or post it here and last please do not say turn up the graphics cause my computer can barley run gmod but i am probaly getting a new computer after chrismas

Then you best wait until you get that new computer. Edited images with badly displayed graphics makes it worse.

Uhm…Well… There’s not much I can say…

Rebel gets an Orgasm

If you have a shit image and slap fancy editing on it, it would still be a shitty image. Sure, a shiny image, but still shit.

Yeah… the posing looks like she’s trying to mount him rather than tackle him.

can you guys give me some advce on how make it look better other then turn up the graphics

You can’t really make it better without a better display, jagged edges ruin it. Bad angles I guess

To improve, you’ll need:

-Better graphics

-Better angle

-Better posing

What I find myself doing is, after setting up a scene, maybe after an hour or so getting it right, I’ll ask myself, “Is this any good?” If I think “no,” even the tiniest bit, I’ll scrap it. A lot of the time you’ll find yourself doing that. Best bet is to just keep practising before you get your PC upgrade.

thank you and what do you think about the hand and face posing?

Your best bet is taking pictures of yourself in whatever pose you want to create, then using it as reference.

It’s super effective.

The posing on the black guy on the backround is hilarious to me.

“Oh no you didnan’t!”